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MARS HYDRO 2.3X2.3 GROW TENT - 27''X27''X63''(70X70X160CM)

MARS HYDRO 2.3X2.3 GROW TENT - 27''X27''X63''(70X70X160CM)

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  • Plant capacity: 1~2
  • Recommended light: TS-1000
  • Recommended Ventilation: 4’’ Inline Fan
  • Usually applied as a separate nursery for seedling and veg room, can be flexibly placed in any corner of the room.

Mars Hydro grow tents feature sturdy metal framework to easily support 110 lbs of weight. Eco-friendly 1680D oxford fabric to prevent light leaking, and lined with 98% reflective Mylar to improve light intensity by 25%. All features are to provide an enclosed indoor cultivation room for your plants all year round.

Important note:

1. Price includes shipping via UPS or Fedex from Mars Hydro USA warehouses when stock is enough

2. All LED lights include a 1 month money back grantee, 1 year full warranty and a 5 years limited warranty

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