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Compressed Coco Coir Bricks, 5 Count, Natural Seed Starter with Low EC and pH Balance, Enhance Root Growth in Herbs, Flowers, and House Plants, Organic with High Expansion - by Vivlly

Compressed Coco Coir Bricks, 5 Count, Natural Seed Starter with Low EC and pH Balance, Enhance Root Growth in Herbs, Flowers, and House Plants, Organic with High Expansion - by Vivlly

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Start your plants growing stronger right from the start with high-quality coco coir seed starting mix formulated with natural coconut husk fibers.

When it comes to growing plants like flowers, herbs, and even vegetables their short- and long-term growth success often boils down to the very soil you plant them in. In fact, using traditional peat moss can dry out or restrict root growth, which means they could get weaker before they even start growing. That's why we developed this premium Vivlly Coco Coir compressed seed soil alternative to help ensure your plants get the best start possible from the moment you plant them.

Grow Stronger, Healthier Plants from Root to Tip

Superior to standard peat moss, coconut husk fibers allow roots to absorb nutrients while maintaining pH balance and shedding excess water saturation. In fact, coco coir improves oxygenation by resisting compaction and degradation to help create a more sustainable, growth-friendly ecosystem. Great for germinating seeds, seedlings, and cuttings. Our coir bricks and blocks are made for modern gardeners and planters.

Product Details:

  • Premium-Grade Compressed Coco Coir
  • Natural Coconut Peat Mix
  • Low EC with Optimum pH Balance
  • High Expansion to Fill Pots and Planters
  • Supports Plants, Flowers, Herbs, Microgreens
  • Available in 1 Large Block or 5 Small Bricks

Help your plants grow stronger at the root by starting them off with Vivlly coco coir potting soil. Get a large block or multiple bricks by clicking Add to Cart above now.

  • ★Organic Coir Seed Starters – This low EC biodegradable soil is made from genuine coconut coir husks for a smart, sustainable alternative to traditional soils that also nourish plant roots and fortify growth for seeds, seedlings, and cuttings.
  • ★Optimal Aeration and Drainage – Coco coir soil helps plants absorb water more effectively while also letting excess liquid drain through efficiently to reduce oversaturation and prevent waterlogged roots. Ideal for thicker plant bases.
  • ★Increase Healthy Root Growth – Our pH-Balanced peat-free coir seed starter is a renewable and revolutionary resource that's better for plants and the environment because it helps plants retain essential nutrients for more successful germination.
  • ★Quick Expansion Fibers – Vivlly coconut coir bricks and blocks are designed to break apart and absorb water quickly, which helps fill up planters, pots, and vases to create a stronger base for growing seedlings and creating a fuller, stable design.
  • ★Support Small to Large Planters – We offer Vivlly coco in a single, large coco coir block or in five small bricks to help better support your indoor or outdoor gardens. Fill up a bigger planter pot or plant multiple herbs across a few pots.


Features: Drainage Holes|Reusable
Brand: Vivlly
Manufacturer Part Number: VIVLCCBP5PNP
Manufacturer: Vivlly
Assembled Product Weight: 1.5 lb


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